bluegrassBio is a nonprofit educational and research institution making the frontiers of genetic engineering and molecular biology accessible to the next generation of scientists — regardless of income, status, or degree history. Our mission is to train and assist upcoming researchers in techniques applicable to the identification, understanding, and treatment of human diseases.

Note: all activities are strictly limited to BSL-1.

Our Team

Brad Misik

Brad Misik

Senior Scientist

Luciano Formilan

Luciano Formilan

Board Member


Developing an antibody test using a recombinant source for viral antigens.

SARS-CoV-2 Pseudo Infectivity Assay

Utilizing a GFP-fused receptor binding domain to assess the efficacy of various functional antibodies and mutations in vitro.

Plankton Sampling

Cataloging the species diversity of zoo- and phytoplankton communities from the Monterey Bay to detect potential HABs.


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